Q:    What is this magazine about?

A:    Science Adventures is a magazine for primary school children whereby science is taught using a comic format. Children will enjoy looking at cartoons while reading and gaining knowledge about science. It is a monthly magazine with 10 issues per level, released from January to October.

Q:    What is this "Level 1", "Level 2" and "Level 3"?

A:    Science Adventures is a publication that is split into 3 categories, to better cater to the different reading levels of children from Primary 1 to Primary 6.

  •     Level 1 - catered for Pr 1 and Pr 2.
  •     Level 2 - catered for Pr 3 and Pr 4.
  •     Level 3 - catered for Pr 5 and Pr 6.

Q:    Are the topics/contents the same for different Levels?

A:    Every issue features different stories and topics. For example, if you subscribe to Level 1 and Level 2, you will get 2 very different magazines every month.    

Q:    My child is in P1/P2 only. But I find Level 1 too simple. Do I have to subscribe Level 1? Is Level 2 or 3 suitable?

A:    Our different Levels are only a means of categorization, to better cater to the different reading levels and requirements of the 6 different primary levels. However, it is ultimately up to the individual child's reading capability and desire to read when deciding which Level.

       We have many children in P1 or P2 who subscribe Levels 2 and/or Level 3 as they read well  and are able to read a higher Level than Level 1. Likewise, there are also a good number of children who are already in P5 or P6, but they subscribe all 3 Levels because they simply love to read everything!  

    Generally though, we would recommend subscribing a higher Level if your child can read well. Likewise, it is perfectly okay to subscribe to Level 1 if your child in P2 is comfortable reading Level 1.    


Q:    What about this "Starter" edition?

A:    Science Adventures Starter is a new release for 2016.

       It is catered for children from 4 yrs old to Kindergarten.  

Q:    What is the difference between Science Adventures and Young Scientists?

A:    While both publications are very similar, Young Scientists is a product of Malaysia, owned by a Chinese language publisher. It is originally a Malay magazine in Malaysia, being translated and modified into an English release that is marketed and sold in Singapore as a "Singapore Publication".  

    Science Adventures is owned and published by a Singaporean owned company based in Singapore. Every issue is created with English as the main language. Contents are     augmented with contributions from experienced local publishers like Shinglee Publishers Pte Ltd, who is a forerunner in publishing school textbooks and assessments in Singapore.