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News Bites, (2024, 10 Issues) Mail Delivery Only

News Bites, (2024, 10 Issues) Mail Delivery Only


Gathering interesting NEWS Bites – fresh and updated news from around the World

That is happening in every issue of NEWS BITES, comes to you every month

A Newspaper for young readers that Informs, Engages and Inspires Young Minds


Our main objective is to keep the readers Entertained, and Enriched.

NEWS on newspaper impact on adults and children differently. Some use NEWS as lessons, some use as general knowledge and some find it funny or subject of joy. Most importantly, it is providing information with FACTS and FIGURES that help to increase awareness, knowledge and events happening in the world and the world around them.

News BITES fuels children with up-to-date current eventsWithout News, we will be vulnerable and narrow-minded – we wouldn’t know what is happening in other parts of the country or world. Knowing about our world keeps us connected and allows us to progress!

Authentic and Real News - Current Affairs - World news, Big news, your Neighbours’ news, Animals’ news, Comic strips, Life style, Sport, Movies, Puzzles, Engineering and the Most Wanted News - the Weird or Strange News! And…many more topics!

As Educators, we believe you will have the same Love and Passion like us to work together to play a key role in Education - to encourage and promote the reading culture to students who need to be updated on the current issues surrounding them. Newspapers are helpful at all levels of education. The earlier younger students start using newspaper, the more informed they will become at a higher level.

The recommended age group of News Bites' readers are from 8 to 16, but adults can enjoy it too – great fun and educational interaction for the whole family! 😄

Large sized and carefully illustrated to get children interested to read!